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“Racial reconciliation, some of the most difficult work possible” -Bishop Micheal Bruce Curry #NoCriticsJustPolitics

                The Royal Wedding sermon recap via: ABC News

All about the #GermanElections #NoCriticsJustPolitics #GlobalPolitics

German Federal Election 2017 - Results by Constituency & Regional Seats Posted by Abenaah Nefertarii Hill
German Federal Election 2017 – Results by Constituency & Regional Seats
No Critics | Just Politics
No Critics | Just Politics

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Current Global News

China set to take the lead in the global economy.

Mexico’s president vows to protect migrants, free trade and investments.

Japan’s parliament was given the green light to let Emperor Akihito step down, the first abdication in the nation’s modern history.

The Syrian regime and rebel forces ended their first day of talks without reaching agreement on how to monitor a shaky cease fire.

Saudis government push to develop entertainment sector draws resistance from religious conservatives.

Global Politics 2016 Year in Review on ‘No Critics Just Politics’

  • The European Union Deal/Turkish Power, Stems Flow of Migrants.
  • Greek Debt Relief.
  • Norway Oil Funds Sues Volkwagen.
  • Apple Invests One Billion in Chinese Didi Chuxing App.
  • Mutiny with Bank Threat to Cash in Vaults due to Negative Rates.
  • Pandemics Cause World Bank to Fight Back.
  • Europe and United States in Battle to keep Trade Pact on track.
  • Austria resists Rightwing Surge as Hofer suffers wafer thin Presidential defeat.
  • Swiss bank BSI hit by $100 Million penalties over scandal at Malaysian state bank.
  • Fall in United States productivity sparks fears of Populist backlash as wages stagnate.
  • Europe’s leaders eye future without UK.
  • Brussels urges light – touch rules for ‘sharing economy’ businesses.
  • EU threat to force Netflix and Amazon to observe 20% European content rule.
  • Opec unites in resisting output caps as oil price hovers near $50.
  • China scholars call for more Marx and less of the west in economics teaching.
  • Uber picks up former EU competition regulator to navigate policy roadblocks.
  • Investment surge gives United States an early lead in rise of the robots.
  • Saudi state group to pump more oil ahead of world’s biggest listing.
  • Obama the first US President to visit Hiroshima, 70 years after A-bomb.
  • Immigration fears claim first EU leader as Austria Chancellor quits.
  • Rouseff defiant Brazil’s suspended president vows to fight impeachment.
  • Saudi’s oil shake up part of reform plan.
  • Facebook trademark win shows softer Chinese stance on still blocked website.
  • Peru election goes down to last few votes.
  • Venezuela protesters fear Maduro would cling to power.

Obama and Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg talk Global #Entrepreneurship @GES2016

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