📚 Books to read in #2018: ‘The Book of Negros’ by #LawrenceHill #NoCriticsJustPolitics

📚Books to read in 2018: ‘Our Declaration’ A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality


#📚Books to #read in #2018: ‘Expressive Constitutionalism’ by Sharon Elaine Hill #NoCriticsJustPolitics

The Geneva Conventions & Protocols

No Critics Just Politics

The Geneva Conventions are four treaties the first of which was adopted at an international conference in 1864, that set international legal standards regarding humanitarian matters, especially concerning the treatment of non – combatants and prisoners of war during war time. The Geneva Conventions are the foundation of modern humanitarian law. (1949,1977)

Goodhart, Micheal.(2013). Human Rights: Politics and Practices. United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.


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📚Books to read in #2018: #ManyThousandGone by #VirginiaHamilton : #AfricanAmericans from #Slavery to #Freedom #NoCriticsJustPolitics

The Constitutionality of Blind Justice by Sharon Elaine

Current Global News

China set to take the lead in the global economy.

Mexico’s president vows to protect migrants, free trade and investments.

Japan’s parliament was given the green light to let Emperor Akihito step down, the first abdication in the nation’s modern history.

The Syrian regime and rebel forces ended their first day of talks without reaching agreement on how to monitor a shaky cease fire.

Saudis government push to develop entertainment sector draws resistance from religious conservatives.

Global Politics

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