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šŸ“šBooks to read in #2018: ‘Between the World and Me’ by #Ta-NehisiCoates #NoCriticsJustPolitics

šŸ“šBooks to read in #2018: ‘White Trash’ by #NancyIsenberg The 400-Year Untold #History of #ClassInAmerica #NoCriticsJustArtists

šŸ“šBooks to read in #2018: #ManyThousandGone by #VirginiaHamilton : #AfricanAmericans from #Slavery to #Freedom #NoCriticsJustPolitics

Global Politics 2016 Year in Review on ‘No Critics Just Politics’

  • The European Union Deal/Turkish Power, Stems Flow of Migrants.
  • Greek Debt Relief.
  • Norway Oil Funds Sues Volkwagen.
  • Apple Invests One Billion in Chinese Didi Chuxing App.
  • Mutiny with Bank Threat to Cash in Vaults due to Negative Rates.
  • Pandemics Cause World Bank to Fight Back.
  • Europe and United States in Battle to keep Trade Pact on track.
  • Austria resists Rightwing Surge as Hofer suffers wafer thin Presidential defeat.
  • Swiss bank BSI hit by $100 Million penalties over scandal at Malaysian state bank.
  • Fall in United States productivity sparks fears of Populist backlash as wages stagnate.
  • Europeā€™s leaders eye future without UK.
  • Brussels urges light ā€“ touch rules for ā€˜sharing economyā€™ businesses.
  • EU threat to force Netflix and Amazon to observe 20% European content rule.
  • Opec unites in resisting output caps as oil price hovers near $50.
  • China scholars call for more Marx and less of the west in economics teaching.
  • Uber picks up former EU competition regulator to navigate policy roadblocks.
  • Investment surge gives United States an early lead in rise of the robots.
  • Saudi state group to pump more oil ahead of worldā€™s biggest listing.
  • Obama the first US President to visit Hiroshima, 70 years after A-bomb.
  • Immigration fears claim first EU leader as Austria Chancellor quits.
  • Rouseff defiant Brazilā€™s suspended president vows to fight impeachment.
  • Saudiā€™s oil shake up part of reform plan.
  • Facebook trademark win shows softer Chinese stance on still blocked website.
  • Peru election goes down to last few votes.
  • Venezuela protesters fear Maduro would cling to power.

NCJP Book Of The Month ‘The Presidents And The Constitution’

The Presidents and the Constitution

Obama and Facebookā€˜s Mark Zuckerberg talk Global #Entrepreneurship @GES2016

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NCJP Book Of The Month